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World Events … January 3, 2013

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  • What exactly is a world event?
  • A world event could be an event that’s societal in nature and affects all nations of the world
  • Mega-powerful corporations and the transnational elite who control them will impose their changes on the entire world
  • We call it the Great Dismantling of Everything
  • Unending and uncontrolled spending by governments will continue
  • With all this attempted dismantling, will come much resistance
  • We see more people unemployed, on welfare and on food stamps
  • We see food being used as a weapon   
What exactly is a world eventA world event could be something like the Olympics, a sporting extravaganza that captivates all countries around the world.
Or, a world event could be an event that’s societal in nature and affects all nations of the world. We see in the coming years, economic, social, financial and political oppression as bought-off politicians jockey for positions of power in the new corporate-controlled society of the world.
These mega-powerful corporations and the transnational elite who control them will impose their changes on the entire world– making it a world event. This could be what people have referred to as the New World Order. In a way, before there is a new order, you must dismantle what exists now.
We call it the Great Dismantling of Everythingin order enact control over everything. The goal is to get people dependent on a new world government. To do this, much chaos must happen around the world because globalists feel that order comes out of chaos. We predict that this chaos will come in several forms.
Unending and uncontrolled spending by governments will continue. That is, until the global debt crisis causes the financial systems of the world to collapse, bringing more chaos. We see continuing, as well as new wars because what causes more chaos than war?
With all this attempted dismantling, will come much resistancefrom the people, causing more chaos. Martial law will be declared in many countries. U.N. peacekeeper forces will be sent in because most country’s military would not kill their own people. So, send in an army from another country to do your killing.
We see more people unemployed, on welfare and on food stampsThe more people are dependent on a government that takes care of them, the easier they are to control. You control them and you control their vote.
We see food being used as a weapon. It could even become rationed and the government gives food to areas that are not resisting control. You can use food to starve people into compliance. While global games like the Olympics are good, globally-coordinated economic, societal, financial, and political systems are viewed by many as bad and will be a tough sell in many parts of the world.

QUESTION: It sounds like the corporate control of governments globally is going to get more intense in the coming years?

ANSWER: That’s right, in fact, you may not even see it happening but it is. It’s been happening for decades. It’s not a New World Order, it’s the Great Dismantlement of all systems in place now. It’s the dismantling of all things people took for granted their entire lives…like freedoms. Freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms, freedom to come and go as you please within your country. People will gradually be conditioned to the fact that a loving government will be put in place that takes care of their every need.   

QUESTION: So how will food be used as a weapon to control the people around the world?

ANSWER: Using food as a weapon is not a new idea. Low crop yields from 2012 will be blamed for rising prices of food this coming year. With rising food prices and possible inflation, people will be forced to get food stamps and become more dependent on the government. If food prices get too high, then the government could step in and control prices. See, it’s your government taking care of you. If an area where resistance to the government is too high, food deliveries could be stopped. You must remember that any country is only 7 meals away from anarchy. 

QUESTION: So, in this new scenario of New World Order, what will happen to the self-reliant, productive person?

ANSWER: Individualism will be frowned on. It’s the individual, the self-thinker, that will be labeled a terrorist threat. A prepper, a returning military person, anyone who has the training and ambition to follow what they believe could easily be extracted from society. All you have to do is to expand the definition to “mental disorder” to anyone who disagrees with the government. Once disagreement is established as a mental illness, the next step is to come and drug you and take you away for your own good and the good of society.  

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That the world as you have known it all your life is changing more quickly than ever right now.  

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because people are hearing and witnessing more events that are happening to set the stage for forced change.     

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: If you think there’s any place to run, you are wrong. You could always move out to the country, hide out and grow your own food. But, how long will that last when a food shortage comes and people know you have food? You will become a target. 

COMMENTARY: Can you even imagine that the things you took for granted growing up could be taken away from you? That you couldn’t own a hunting rifle or a handgun to protect your family? How about it being against the law to grow your own food or even have a garden? How about being stopped at checkpoints on the highways to get patted down and have your car searched? How about the ability to express your opinion about anything in a blog, or in a social media post or to another person? Could you imagine living in the fear of your neighbors turning you in to the authorities for storing food and water?…for practicing a certain religion?…or for having certain political beliefs? It all depends on where the incentives are placed. If the government wants to take your guns away, then all they need to do is offer a reward to anyone who turns you in. They don’t even have to come looking to find out who has weapons. Your neighbors who know you go to the shooting range on the weekend will direct them right to your door. Same thing goes for storing water and food. People will turn on people. Your neighbor who used to babysit your kids will now become your overseer and if you do something they don’t believe in, they’ll report you to the authorities who will come knocking in the middle of the night. The next morning you’ll be gone.



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