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World Events – February 3, 2013 

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  • Losing still results in pain
  • There are many reasons people lose in life
  • Lack of your best effort is never an excuse
  • Success in the big game or life in general always starts in your mind
  • If you did your best as an individual or team member you must keep trying

The world event everyone is focused on today is the 47th Super Bowl in New Orleans between the 49ers and the Ravens. One team will emerge the winner and they will be talked about for weeks. The other team will be the losers and forgotten tomorrow. It doesn’t matter if you lose by 1 point or a wide margin; the losing still results in pain.

There are many reasons people lose in life. You may not be as good as the other team or another person. You may have poor execution of your plan or just a lack of effort on your part. The more time you invested to win the greater the pain when you lose. Losing is to be looked at as a learning experience. It’s bad enough you lost, but how you react to losing is what’s important. Do you lose and go into quiet reflection? Or, do you go into a rage and beat yourself up over losing?

Talent and execution are are legitimate reasons for either winning or losing. When you lose you may not be as talented as the other team or you may not have executed your game plan flawlessly. These can be used as reasons why you lost or won. However, a lack of your best effort is never an excuse

Success in the big game or life in general always starts in your mind. You create the energy it takes to go forward to win or meet your goal. Accomplishment always starts with the feeling you can do it. A person has many things working against them succeeding  These reasons can be personal or not. You could be in bad health, or have low energy, or distracted by family, your bills, or your job. Many things can work against you succeeding on your own.

Now, consider a team environment and  multiply all those negative experiences by every team member and now you see what you have working against you to overcome. It’s a much greater challenge with the possibility of many things that can go wrong. In conclusion if you didn’t try hard enough as an individual or a team member you must quit. If you did your best as an individual or team member you must keep trying.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That although the losers are quickly forgotten there’s many more lessons in losing than winning. 

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because many people have a personal interest and investment in their team winning the Super Bowl.   

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: Tomorrow after it’s all over you must look at the challenges and competitions you are facing in life and decide if you have the talent and a clear plan and are willing, or have been exerting the energy that you can make a decision to continue or quit.  

COMMENTARY: Sometimes it takes a lot more effort and money to launch something than you may have expected. How do you determine if that project is worthwhile – whether you should continue to build and pursue it? Some people base every decision on the market research, the competition, the current demand, the financial rewards and the list of traditional market research is endless; but all based on the bottom line and not the reasons why or the passion and meaning it has for you. This is the reason most businesses fail in the end – they did it for shallow reasons and with sleazy strategies. It’s easy to spot. In fact, you see this everywhere nowadays. The “bottom line” should be to be true to yourself. Expect good days and bad days. It’s on those bad days that you need to be willing to learn the most. That’s when they become the best days, just more challenging.



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