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  • Are you really asleep when you are sleeping?
  • People tend to see their dreams as some kind of entertainment
  • People blow off their dreams
  • During the day people are supposed to be awake – not so…
  • Your friends are also distracting you

Are you really asleep when you are sleeping? Are you awake when you are not sleeping? One of the best ways that Higher Intelligence has to communicate with you is through your dreams.

People tend to see their dreams as some kind of entertainment. Although they can be entertaining, they’re not just entertainment. Your dreams contain lessons, messages and communication from Higher Intelligence. This sleep time is the time “they” have to reach you without interference. This is the time when they bring through warnings or insights about your life.

People blow off their dreams, or don’t even remember them. They don’t listen to them. If they do remember them they don’t learn from them. That is the true definition of being asleep.

During the day people are supposed to be awake – not so, as they are totally distracted and programmed by everything and everyone. They are distracted by the news of the day, the stock market is up or down, terrorists blew up something here or over there, this or that celebrity was seen wearing this or that –  all distractions are designed to keep you asleep.

Your friends are also distracting you, they will tell you that same things they’ve heard on the radio or TV again and again, just in case you missed it. Commercials are the ultimate of programming distractions, telling you that you are inadequate, that you are lacking, that you need to buy this or that kind of car, or clothes, or eat a certain type of food, or shop in certain places. Keeping you feeling that you lack in your life is really keeping you asleep in your life because once you are totally distracted you are prevented from waking up and learning the truth.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That you can’t be sure that when you are sleeping that you aren’t really awake and visa versa.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because the levels of distraction ran high this last week and the media and the distraction machine has more planned for you in the future.

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: If you remember your dreams you should write them down. If you don’t understand them then ask someone who does. Let them help you interpret the messages and insights and lessons that Higher Intelligence is communicating. 

COMMENTARY: Do you feel like you are fogged over mentally? Is each day of your life significant, or does it feel like just another day? Many people are overwhelmed with a world that is making no sense at all. They no longer know what to believe. They are tired. This is a vulnerable existence. If this is your existence then you need to make big changes right now. You can’t allow yourself to sink into this dead zone. You can make the quickest changes by creating quiet time, getting more rest, writing down your dreams, eating healthy foods and stopping all distractions. Do this for a few weeks – this will give you the momentum to continue on the path of clarity and truth.



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