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  •  Two world events in the news this week that shook the world
  • First, in Egypt – you have a President that was elected by the people
  • Say anything to get elected and then follow your true agenda
  • This President let his people down
  • The firefighters who were killed in the uncontrolled blaze

There are two world events in the news this week that shook the world. The coup in Egypt that displaced President Morsi who was just elected less than a year ago, and the tragic fire in Arizona that took the lives of so many firefighters.

First, in Egypt – you have a President that was elected by the people in an open election. Like all politicians he promised many things while campaigning for office and one of those things was to give all groups a say in this newly formed democratic government. However, like all politicians, as soon as he was elected and in power, he catered to only one party, his own, and forgot his campaign promises.

This focus on one party and the desires of that party is what caused his removal. He was deposed by the  military and forced out of office. He, like so many other politicians around the world, failed to deliver on campaign promises. This seems to be the norm for elected officials – say anything to get elected and then follow your true agenda once in office. After all, you’re the President, what can the people do once you’re elected? Well, they can protest by the tens of millions in the streets of the cities around the country. The protests cannot only be violent but overwhelming.

It’s very difficult to control a million people protesting in the streets of a large city and it’s  even more difficult to ignore what they want. This President let his people down when he failed to build a future for them and a the country as he promised. It’s a sad world when you can’t rely on a persons promise, or even a hand shake.

The firefighters who were killed in the uncontrolled blaze were doing exactly what they were born to do – help others though a dangerous time and try to save their town, homes and businesses  This wildfire in Yarnell, Arizona is an example of the fearsome force of nature and how quickly it can change, not only the landscape but people’s lives. Now, there are hundreds of firefighters fighting this fire and each one is thinking that it could have been them. Each member of the firefighting team, as well as the community and the nation, sees these fallen heroes as special people. People who gave everything in order to help people they would never meet.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That things can change very quickly.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because it gives new respect for the power of Mother Nature and new respect for what can be accomplished by huge numbers of people.

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER:  Find something to do where you can give to others. Don’t have a personal agenda like a politician. Agendas never serve the masses, only the  ones who want to control the masses. 

COMMENTARY: These two world events are examples of extreme opposites. On one hand there are prominent politicians blinded by self-interest and fearless heroes you will never meet. The message that we gleaned from this session was that people have the ultimate power. Also, that when things do start to change it will change quickly. It may take a lot of people with a fearless stand to remove someone, or stop something but it can be done. The only way anyone can control you is if you let them. So far, their “agendas” have been successful as people cower to their fear tactics. As history repeats itself, until enough people have nothing left to lose will the people take a stand.



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