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  • The world event that everyone’s focused on is Obamacare
  • We would like to clear up a few things about affordable healthcare
  • Many people will not be able to afford any level of Obamacare
  • None of these people are healthy
  • Why wasn’t there a preventative illness program put in place?

The world event that everyone’s focused on is Obamacare. They are wondering what is it? How will it work? What will it cost their family? How good will the coverage be? Will it be better than what you had before?

We would like to clear up a few things about affordable healthcare. First, let’s look at the word “affordable.” You will get to decide how affordable your plan will be. Of course, you will get what you pay for no matter how much or little you pay. Pay a little and get a little, pay a lot and get more.

Many people will not be able to afford any level of Obamacare and will be penalized – forced to pay a penalty each year if they don’t have it. So, affordable becomes… you pay the penalty forced upon you and don’t get anything in return. You are subsidizing others.

Next, let’s look at healthcare. Is it really healthcare since so many people are not healthy at all? You would think that for all the years that people have been receiving healthcare where they were prescribed multiple drugs for their illnesses that they would now be healthy. None of these people are healthy, they have not been cured of anything as the only solution healthcare had provided is to have them renew all their medicines each month to continue managing their diseases. Is this healthcare?… drugs, tests and procedures – most of which are not necessary?

Why wasn’t there a preventative illness program put in place decades ago? That’s because there’s no money in it. No money in cures. The current Obamacare program as it is rolled out will show its many flaws and problems. However, this entire program was designed by and for the big pharma industry and medical insurance providers. Still there are too many middlemen involved in your healthcare, or should we say your sickness care. Because once you get sick and allow your wellness to slip away, you better be planning on being sick for the rest of your life , as there hasn’t been any major diseases cured since polio. 

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER:  That you can have a sickness mentality and need healthcare insurance, or you can take responsibility for your health and wellness early on in life, develop a wellness mentality, and keep yourself from getting ill.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER:  This information couldn’t be more timely as people will start struggling with the high costs of what was promised to be national subsidized healthcare where many even thought that it would be free as in many countries.  

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER:  Right now, today, you can take an inventory of your illnesses and plan on how you could, or would, address those illnesses if your prescription drugs became too expensive to buy.    

COMMENTARY: There is no healthcare insurance for being and staying healthy. They don’t pay for your gym membership, a massage when you need one, nutritional supplements, a day off when you need one so you don’t get run down and sick. These are the things you have hopefully been doing for yourself anyway.  We hear people say that if their healthcare insurance doesn’t pay they don’t want it. That is the mentality that got them into the poor health they find themselves in now.  The younger generations will look at this way of thinking like our generation looks at our parent’s poor diets when they ate Spam, baloney, Wonder bread and cooked with lard and bacon fat. So, Obamacare is just a way to get everyone to pay for a system that is designed to get people hooked, not curing them. It was also a way to give even more power and revenue directed to big pharma and the insurance providers. The only time healthcare is needed is when you need a medical mechanic, which is a doctor who fixes a broken bone or some other repair the body needs at that particular time – and that’s all. It should have never been allowed to become a business that, through the influence of those who stood to profit, lobbied for laws to force you to buy, comply and consume.



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