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  • How do you manage your expectations? 

  • Expectations seem normal
  • Your guides don’t really believe in expectations
  • If you listen to your higher self, your guides then
  • People don’t listen to the advice they get from their guides because…
  • Rarely does one see their expectations come true unless…

How do you manage your expectations? Everyone has expectations of what they would like the future to be. These expectations seem to be something detached from the person’s control. Sometimes these expectations are nothing more than a type of prayer that they want the future to be different so they can benefit.

Expectations seem normal, however, when you look at them closely they are designed so people don’t have to do anything for those expectations to happen or show up in their lives. Do you think that most of the time people are disappointed because their expectations, or prayers, weren’t answered? Then they blame this on god, or the economy, or the government, or their job, or whose party is in control of Congress, or it must be the President’s fault.

Your higher intelligence – your guides – don’t really believe in expectations. They look at the future and how you will adapt to it more like hope. That is, they have hope and faith in your innate abilities. Many times these abilities are not utilized to their fullest extent, therefore a person doesn’t progress, or get better, or achieve what they thought for sure were powerful, positive expectations which turned out to be nothing more than wishful thinking. 

For example; a person is sick and they expect to get well, but they don’t do anything differently than they did before they were sick. So, either they take a long time to get well, don’t get any better, or may even get sicker. If you listen to your higher self – your guides – then they would tell you that there’s a series of things you must do to get well. That if you follow their guidance step-by-step you will improve, or get better much sooner.

Many people don’t listen to the advice they get from their guides because it requires work on their part. After all, if they have strong enough expectations, that is, if they visualize it in the future, it has to show up doesn’t it?

Rarely does one see their expectations come true unless their expectations are something negative. Then, they have programmed their future for negativity which is a more likely result when you do nothing. These people are the ones who say, “Yeah, it always happens that way to me and I expected it to happen again.” Same result as before – nothing changed. They didn’t change, or adapt, or put forth the correct mindset and effort to realize a different outcome. They just left it to chance – their expectations. In doing so they not only failed to grow, but disappointed their higher self.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That part of your job in being here is to put forth the passion and persistence that it takes to realize and manifest what it is that you desire.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because we are living in a time when more people rely on a handout from the government to survive than those who work for a living.

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: Take a look at what your future looks like. Is it based in expectations you can’t control, or are you listening to your higher self and doing something everyday to create the kind of future you desire? 

COMMENTARY:  When a person’s expectations fail to materialize, they start lowering their expectations by bargaining and compromising. Their philosophy becomes, “I can get more out of life…if I just lower my standards!” That’s the danger of over-investing in expectations. You start to base your happiness on them. What’s even worse is that you assign expectations to others also. Most of the time you have higher expectations of others than you do for yourself. You expect a higher standard of honesty, integrity, understanding, compassion and love from others than you do from yourself. Suppose that’s what everyone else is doing. Are you starting to see what’s wrong in the world now? Don’t expect anything from others and you will never be disappointed…only surprised.  You can start raising the bar by focusing on your passions. Are you passionate about anything? If not, find something. It’s your passions that will not only bring you rewards far beyond any expectations, but make you into an amazing person too – someone who others, as well as yourself, will like!



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