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  • The stock market has been very volatile

  • The stock markets are all rigged 
  • The average investor doesn’t stand a chance
  • Computer driven programs that execute in nano-seconds

The stock market has been very volatile. Dropping from its highs of just a few weeks ago, the stock market it’s now more of a roller coaster day-to-day. How can the average investor hope to keep up with this much less make any type of profits?

That’s the plan – the stock markets are all rigged and controlled through algorithm trading programs. These programs only require split seconds to execute massive moves that control the direction of the markets on any day. These algorithm market moves are then blamed on economic news, or political news, or a jobs report, or any other thing that’s in the news of the day, even the weather.

The average investor doesn’t stand a chance trying to use their old methods of anticipating market moves. At one time investors could learn about charting and support and resistance lines and play the markets or a particular stock and reasonably make some kind of profit. However, now everybody has access to that type of research and charts because they’re all over the Internet and mostly for free.

What was needed was computer driven programs that execute in nano-seconds so a human doesn’t even stand a chance to get in on a trade. So, what should an investor do other than finding some other way to make money gambling like this? We would say that if you are still stubborn enough to want to try and make a profit in the stock market you should do so little-by-little. Never go all-in on anything. Test the waters to make sure you’re not being trapped by a quick program trading move only to find yourself an hour later losing everything when another program drives the market the other way. It’s going back to some of the basics like buying into a position gradually that could help, as well as using stop losses to control your losses when the market shifts quickly. It’s all designed by greedy, ruthless people who gradually take all an investor’s money from them just like sitting at a table in Las Vegas too long.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That unless you have a better algorithm driven program, then believing you can gamble your way to riches in the stock market is a serious delusion. 

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because you go to parties and you don’t hear everyone talking about the great investments they’ve make recently like in the “good old days.” 

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: We would say that your best investment is not in the stock market, but in yourself. 

COMMENTARY: Human trading defeated by algo-trading. If the stock market can make the human obsolete then what’s next? We always think it’s interesting how symbolic these messages are. Computers and technology has served us well, however those who run the show are way ahead of us. It’s always based in manipulation and greed. The greedy have the odds stacked in their favor so find yourself another game.



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