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  • There’s one crime that people are the victim of each and everyday

  • The distraction has taken over
  • Who benefits from that piece of news? 
  • “Freedom” has nothing to do with it
  • You can avoid being in fear
  • A sideshow instead of real reporting
  • We would say just stop listening

There’s one crime that people are the victim of each and everyday and that crime is lies. Lies and propaganda are just business as usual when it comes to many professions, starting with politicians and those who manipulate them.

How about all the news you hear on any news station. It doesn’t matter which one you listen to, they all report the same stories the same way. Yes, one station may have a slightly different political bent, but it’s the same story. It’s looking at these stories in slightly different ways that gets people arguing and once they’re engaged in arguing over their need to be right the distraction has taken over. All the news is somebody’s propaganda.

All you need to do is to ask yourself, who benefits from that piece of news? Look at both sides and if one side is made out to be the evil ones, or the trouble makers you can bet that that’s not true. It’s the other side that’s the real instigators and trouble makers.

Your local freedom fighters are really the terrorists who are financed by another  government and who wants their country destabilized for political purposes. “Freedom” has nothing to do with it.

If you can realize that most of what you hear on the mainstream news reports is spin, or propaganda, or flat out lies then you can avoid being in fear. The news is designed to get people to become afraid and to fear something by reporting things like: oh no the government is going to do this, the state government is going to do that, they’re going to take you away to a FEMA camp, or they’re poisoning your food, or they’re poisoning the air. Maybe they are, but just reporting this is what gets people into fear.

Newscasts turn it all into a sideshow instead of real reporting. If they were really passionate about reporting the truth and cared about you they would not just report the issue, but the solutions from many perspectives. So, how will you avoid becoming fearful?

We would say just stop listening, stop exposing yourself to their lies, and manipulation, and propaganda. If you want to learn about something, do your own research. It’s never been easier with the Internet. The next time you hear a newscast ask yourself, who is that newscast targeted at so they will be afraid? 

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That you were taught not to lie and deceive, but you see it happening in front of you all day long.  

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because politicians are at their lowest rankings ever. People believe that just about anything that comes out of a politicians mouth is slanted one way or another, so the politician and their backers will benefit.

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: Don’t take sides. Stop the constant flow of propaganda and mind altering messages that spew out of your television.  

COMMENTARY: Propaganda and mind altering messages… it’s no wonder mainstream television ratings have and continue sinking monthly. TV in contrast to the Internet is like evolving from caveman to modern man. A person would have to be brain dead to find any value in TV broadcasting programs. It’s called “broadcasting” and “programming” because that’s what it is. No one wants either. Do yourself a favor and turn off the loud non-stop programming box (the TV) and become selective regarding what you choose to engage in.



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