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  • There is a new definition of terrorism

  • Taught certain alleged facts
  • Let’s say you don’t agree
  • Someone else is trying to control them
  • The old definition of terrorism

There is a new definition of terrorism. It’s anything you think, or do that opposes what anyone else thinks. Everybody seems to have an opinion and people with certain opinions are now considered terrorists.

You see, you are sent to school and taught certain alleged facts about science, nature and the history of our world. You are expected to accept these “as facts” without question. In fact, you are told to memorize all this stuff so you can recite it back on a test in order to get good grades.

Let’s say you don’t agree with, or even know better that certain things that you were taught are not true. They were only taught to benefit others in society and not you. So, you get smart and start to protest, or question the established facts. Now you have labeled yourself as an outsider. A person who doesn’t accept what they were told is true. You are labeled a “conspiracy theorist” at best and a “domestic terrorist” at worst. For your opinion, you deserve to be arrested and detained indefinitely without due process..

Anytime masses of people are taught the same thing that’s an obvious sign that someone else is trying to control them – to manage their thoughts and actions. Step out of line and go against the established norm and you are labeled a terrorist, even though you haven’t done anything to harm anyone.

The old definition of terrorism is someone who felt so strongly about their political  ideologies that they did something spectacular to call attention to their cause, they bombed a building, or set off car bombs in a crowded market. This was done to alert people to their way of thinking and attempting to intimidate them into thinking the same way. Look around, you see this all the time – not people blowing up buildings in your city or town, but people being labeled a terrorist because of their opinion.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That if you have an opinion that runs contrary to the norm of society keep it to yourself.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because people everyday express their opinions to you about, politics, laws and religion and how they think you should live your life .

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: When you hear someone voicing their opinion to you, you should not respond. Don’t agree, or disagree. The best you can say is “That’s a very interesting opinion.”  .

COMMENTARY:  It all comes back to listening, but with a twist. Listening used to mean that you had no opinion, you just followed what you were told without question. In other words, what you were instructed to remember and abide by got you good grades, which gave you access to a higher education, which entitled you to the best jobs, which made you a lot of money, which allowed you to acquire more “stuff” and go into unending debt. That was the plan society had for you…debt slave. It was a sell out, but for the majority, the rewards exceeded the sell out. Now, the twist is that most people see through the lies and manipulation – the control. This is because everyone has now been negatively effected in some way by that old way of thinking. Just look at the real estate “investment” you made following the “American Dream” or the hundred thousand dollars you owe on your student loan. Now, the sell out is greater than the rewards. This is the real problem for those who designed a system of compliant citizens. The incentives are now gone. That is why we now have a welfare state. Being a smart independent thinker has never been more important than now. There’s some truthful sources to listen to. Tune into those who have always been there to guide you in the right direction – your spirit guides.




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