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  • Technology and ego have a lot in common

  • They don’t use it to define themselves…
  • They buy designer technology
  • Being one of the pack is their greatest fear
  • You begin to lose you essence

Technology and ego have a lot in common. People use many things to define themselves. A major thing is technology. To us technology is only a tool in your tool box like a hammer or a wrench.

People don’t obsess over what kind of hammer or wrench they have because they don’t use it to define themselves, or to label themselves. Sure a master carpenter would have better tools than the average person because he relies on them to work everyday. But the tools do the same thing; you use them when you need them and then put them away out of sight until the next time you need them.

People approach technology much differently. They buy the latest smartphone, or a premium brand car. They buy designer technology. They use it to label themselves or define their lives. They tell people, “I’m a Mac user,” or “I drive a BMW, or an Acura.” What are people doing when they use technology to label themselves? First, they are attempting to separate themselves from the pack.

Being one of the pack is their greatest fear in life, how could they be ordinary? How about the advertising directed at them to make them feel inadequate or lack something in the first place? It’s this mind altering programming that makes them buy an iPhone, or a Mac, or a BMW, or a Mercedes in the first place. Does a Mac do anything different than a PC, not really. Sure it’s better for certain applications, just like better tools you can buy. Driving a premium brand automobile only attempts to separate you from others to make you feel better about yourself.

But, if you had an ordinary used car that’s 10 years old could you drive farther, or faster, or go some place you couldn’t with the other car? Once you start using anything external, especially technology to define yourself, since it’s pushed at you all day everyday, you begin to lose your essence. Your true essence. You must look inside and connect with this true essence and ask yourself – who am I and do I need external things in order to show myself and others who I am at my soul level?

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That technology is only a tool.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because the need to upgrade your technology as soon as the next model comes out six months later is what drives people into a feeling of inferiority and lack.  

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: Try keeping your smartphone for three or more generations. Drive your car until the wheels fall off in 15 to 20 years. Don’t obsess about not being one of the pack. The only way you can lift yourself above the crowd is by being true to yourself.

COMMENTARY: Think of technology as a workhorse. If you can’t do that and you still need the cool stuff then you know that you are one of the pack, and not special at all. While people are using technology to be unique they are really just like everyone else. The more you “try” to be unique the more ordinary you become. Becoming who you are has nothing to do with technology, although technology may assist you in getting there. Again, technology is a tool and not meant to become your identity. So remove the ego and let your essence shine through.




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