CR News Reports© - TerrorismTerrorism – July 4, 2014

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  • Power over others

  • Bully on the playground
  • Once they see you will do what they tell you
  • Politician terrorists who are controlled by their corporate sponsors
  • You may be living under the thumb of a terrorist organization
  • So, how do you avoid all these terrorists?

There’s a little terrorist in everyone. A terrorist is someone who uses their position, whether it’s elected or assumed, to leverage that position for their own gain monetarily or to gain more power over others.

Your first encounter with a terrorist early in life was most likely a bully on the playground at school. These self-appointed terrorists got pleasure from dominating others by intimidation or physical force. As you got older you found terrorist leaders in social groups, maybe even your fraternity or sorority in college. The professors and teachers you encountered along the way exerted their position in  order to control you and tell you how to think. When you got a job your boss took advantage of you by making you do things you didn’t want to, or were not part of your job description.

Once they see you will do what they tell you, they push it further and soon you are spending time doing things for them for no compensation or reward. Next, you may be employed by a large corporation. These people on corporate boards and corporate executives are some of the worst bullies there are. Figuring out ways to get the workers to do more for less in order to improve company profits so they can get bigger bonuses and more stock options. It’s the greed that kicks in at this level that completely takes any sense of humanity away from these people.

Next, you have politician terrorists who are controlled by their corporate sponsors and large campaign contributors. once these corporations get a hold of a politician, that politician becomes a terrorist for them – inflicting harm on people and taking advantage of their position just so they can keep it. Corporations have armies of politician terrorists working for them around the world so they can gain control over a country’s resources or wealth in as many ways as they can.

You may be living under the thumb of a terrorist organization. Your homeowners association is usually run by people with nothing else to do but intimidate people and get them to do things that they themselves most likely wouldn’t do.

So, how do you avoid all these terrorists? Well, the best thing is to confront them. The next time someone is acting like a bully toward you or trying to force you to do something for no reason ask them if their bullying tactics seem to be working for them with others and then tell them they are not going to work on you.      

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: Don’t be intimidated by bullies – confront them.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because never before in history have so many people turned over the decisions they make regarding their own life to someone else whose bullying them.  

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: Just do this as an experiment. Look for bullies all around you. You will be surprised at who they are.

COMMENTARY: There’s never been more bullies in the world than now. That happened because they got away with it. Once they got away with it nothing was stopping them from doing it again. No one stopped them the first time and there’s really no laws against it. It takes confrontation to put them in their place. However, the longer the bully gets away with it the more powerful they become and the harder it is to stop them. Welcome to the world we find ourselves in. Being passive and following the rules, their rules, allowed this problem to fester. Take a good look at your choices and do your part in reducing their power over you, and therefore others.




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