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  • Do you have an escape route? 

  • All you’ve done is postpone
  • The problem is where they are looking
  • You come to “us” at the last desperate moment?
  • We think that most people don’t ask us because…

Do you have an escape route? We’re not referring to getting out of your house in case of a fire or a disaster, but an escape route for the life you wish was better. 

Most people rely on the same escape routes that have been around for decades and mostly don’t work. Some people say, “I’ll just go to another seminar, or find a new Guru, or join a new religion and everything will be fine.” I’ll get all the answers I’m looking for in my life, but it never works out that way. All you’ve done is postpone learning about yourself awhile longer.

If all these Gurus, and seminars, and retreats, and religions worked then why are people still looking? The problem is where they are looking. They find themselves depressed, or ill, or worried, or anxious about life and believe that when they get this or that – everything will be okay. It’s always based on an escape route where you go out and get something.

Think about all the money you spent on books, seminars, retreats, programs, tapes, and DVD’s , and add it all up. Did you really get that much benefit from all of it? We can tell you that you should stop looking outward and reexamine not only your life, but who you are asking help from. You should be asking us, your “spirit guides” for any help you need at the moment you need it. Instead, you treat us like a spare tire, instead of your steering wheel in life. You come to us at the last desperate moment when you should ask us first.

Why would you wait until you’ve exhausted all other sources looking for answers before you ask us? We don’t understand that. When you come to us we will always give you the truthful answer, the best advice at the time. We think that most people don’t ask us because it’s free and that it can’t be that easy. They believe that they should only take advice from someone they have to pay to get it.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That the best life advice is always free. This “free advice” isn’t cheap, it’s priceless.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because not only are people discouraged about all the money they’ve wasted on self-improvement courses in order to find themselves, but they are now running out of options in the outside world.

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: Get quiet, close your eyes, and try asking us for help. 

COMMENTARY: This escape route is like a hatch you can slip into that gets you out of all this. Everyone is looking for a way out, like the distractions that are presented to you at  every turn. The message is; if you are bored (bored with yourself) then that’s no problem because there’s something, someone, or some place you can go that will preoccupy your lonely, unloved, undiscovered self a little longer so it won’t hurt as bad. However, as soon as you paid your admission (it always cost something) and the distraction has ended you are right back where you left off with someone you don’t know, can’t respect, or even like anymore – you. The missing piece/peace is inside of you and it’s time to get to know who that is. On that journey you will, without any effort at all, bump into your best friends and life coaches, your “Spirit Guides” and your life begins to really work.




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