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  • Theft is an interesting crime

  • Anything that falls into the category of dishonesty
  • It’s become their talent…
  • White collar corporate executives who steal…
  • They are stealing from them…

Theft is an interesting crime. Now, most people have cheated or taken something small when they were kids and did it maybe on a dare. But they regretted or even felt bad about it later. Many gave it back anonymously in order to clear their conscious of this dishonest act. And, it is dishonest.   

We’re talking about anything that falls into the category of dishonesty because when dishonesty is involved you are stealing something from another person – their trust, their possessions, their money, anything you take from them through dishonesty is theft.

In some countries when you steal something you get your hand cut off. From that day forward, everyone knows what you are – a thief. This will impact your entire life. However, in Western countries they don’t cut your hand off. If you steal enough you may go to prison, but that doesn’t really change you. Thieves get out of prison and go right back to stealing again. It’s become their talent, their job, and many are good at it.

Now what about white collar corporate executives who steal from their customers, especially bankers? Bankers steal everyday from everyone they can and they never go to prison nor do they get their hands chopped off. What if bankers did get their hands cut off, you would see fewer people getting into the banking business because to bankers theft is the business.

A good example would be the billions of dollars of fees, like insufficient fund charges that are levied on people who didn’t have the money in the first place. So they are stealing from them. They are stealing from them when they charge them for depositing your money in their bank. Or, charging them a fee to do a transaction with their bank. People would act differently if anyone who stole anything had their hands chopped off.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That most of the thieves you encounter on a daily basis you can’t tell they are thieves.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because it seems that everyone you encounter is out to scam you in some way, shape, or form.  

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: Be diligent about who you do business with and if you choose to do business with a thief then don’t be surprised when they steal from you.

COMMENTARY: Anyone who steals and gets away with it has been rewarded by the fact that they did get away with it. They can now justify stealing and lying because it’s become their reality. Once they have become successful and received the rewards without the consequences they are now really dangerous. These people may not even steal again for years, but they are always thinking about reverting back to it should they become desperate. These people can never be trusted again. Do you know someone like this? Everyone one does. It’s your job to be more selective about the people you invite into your life.




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