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  • Continuous Consumption

  • Why do you need all that money
  • Feed your addiction to consumption
  • People on Facebook brag about what they have
  • What does all this consumption really mean

You live in an environment of continuous consumption. That means that you have been conditioned for many years, even when you were a child, to consume. You were programmed to want certain toys, certain foods, and certain types of entertainment at a young age.

As you got older you were told that you needed to get good grades, so you could get into a good college, so you could get a good education, so you could get a good job, where you could make a lot of money. Why do you need all that money?

It’s so you can feed your addiction to consumption; because once you make all that money you have to spend it on the same things you were conditioned to want as a child. Things like food, only now it’s better food; new cars because you have outgrown your toy cars. You need a big expensive home so you can entertain and impress your friends. Then you need expensive furniture to put in it that you never sit on. Of course you need the latest technology in every room of the house, after all, what would your friends say if you had this wonderful home but didn’t have a big screen in practically every room?

You need the latest technology like smart phones and computers so you can keep up with your digital friends and show them what you have. Just look at how many people on Facebook brag about what they have. They announce that they are having a first day of football party at their new home on the huge big screen TV in their man cave wing.

What does all this consumption really mean?  Could you get along without any of it no matter how much money you had. Here’s an exercise for you to complete. If you sold all of the things that you paid for what would be left? What would be left would be all the things that were really important and priceless.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That you have been brainwashed into constant consumption.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because many people are having a tough way to go now, yet their addiction to consumption will not let them go and they are even more stressed to keep up appearances when they know they should sell it all.   

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: Take a look at how your life would be different if you eliminated everything in your life that you bought but didn’t absolutely need or never wore, or ever used. Look at everything you bought on your credit cards. The problem with selling it all is that you would take a huge loss and still owe on it.

COMMENTARY: Consumption is way out of control, yet most people don’t realize it because the distractions are so powerful it blinds them. Not only have they been programmed since childhood to consume endlessly, they are so bombarded by these distractions they can’t even think straight. Many people think they don’t have enough time, money, help, or that something is wrong with them. All of that is wrong thinking. What they really need to do is stop. They need to go cold turkey to stop the addictions once and for all.




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