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  • Everything is ready to fall

  • How long will they debate an immigration policy
  • It does seem they can agree on one political decision
  • Politicians don’t get anything done like they used to

Everything is ready to fall. Politics in the U.S. has hit a standstill. Politicians get absolutely nothing done. They come back from their latest vacations and continue talking about the same things they were arguing over before they left. Nothing ever gets done.

How long will they debate an immigration policy – how long does it take? Should it take two Presidential terms? What about job creation? How about the poverty situation in this country? It seems these politicians can vote to give hundreds of millions of dollars away to others countries for a variety of reasons, mostly weaponry, but can’t seem to find the money to feed the homeless and people who are starving. That conversation and decision shouldn’t take long, so where is it?

It does seem they can agree on one political decision, however, and that’s to go and bomb other countries because apparently that’s what these people need to see things our way. It’s ironic that all these increased air strikes just anger the people more. Not only do they anger the militants they are supposedly targeting, but the collateral damage incurred by killing civilians, and women, and children is inexcusable.

How would these same politicians feel if Canada shot a rocket into their neighborhood and killed their family and all the neighbors? Then the next day one of the trigger-pullers in Canada says, “Oh, we’re sure we killed one of the terrorist leaders living in that neighborhood.” How would they feel? Would they reconsider their votes and war mongering to go drop some good old fashion U.S. democracy on another country? Also, it seems that the hundreds of millions of dollars given to other countries in the form of weapons eventually backfires and those weapons are used by terrorists against us. All-in-all politicians don’t get anything done like they used to.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: Realize that having politicians that can’t accomplish anything means it is time that they get replaced by a better system with better people.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because this lack of action on their part just keeps tearing away at the fabric of American society.  

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: It’s important that the system change. By that we mean that the interference by powerful corporations that own these politicians must be stopped.

COMMENTARY: Politicians don’t get anything done because that’s what they’re paid to do – throw a wrench into anything that is unprofitable for the corporations. It’s the corporations that control the politicians and the government. This strategy took them decades and they are not going to give up control now. So how do they finally get defeated? Stop buying what they’re selling. Even if you have the money, constrain yourself from buying their stuff. Gradually they will crumble.




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