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  • Another day another war

  • All of this aggression is quite confusing
  • Know who their friends are any more
  • Concentrating on need instead of greed
  • Support you when things get really tough

Another day another war. it’s hard to keep up with who’s bombing who and why. It’s getting harder and harder for countries to convince their allies that they should join them in going to war with them against some other country.

The worldwide economy is so interconnected that you can’t bomb another country without disrupting the relationship you had with them, especially trade. You can send drones or jet fighter bombers over to another country or impose sanctions on another country and not accomplish anything but killing civilians and upsetting the citizens. What you’re doing is teaching them to hate you more than they already do. All of this aggression is quite confusing.

The freedom fighters your country armed a year or two ago to fight a corrupt regime are now your biggest enemy and you ask that regime to help you now fight the freedom fighters. How can this change so quickly? Doesn’t anybody know who their friends are any more? All these wars will drain the economies of any country participating in them until that country is bankrupt and unable to even help their own citizens. Then the citizen will become the new enemy as civil chaos erupts.

If you look at all the so called wars over the last few decades which ones accomplished anything? How about the War on Drugs – are there more or less drugs on the streets? What about the War on Poverty – are there more or less people living in poverty? What about wars that are fought for greed and control over others? What about concentrating on need instead of greed?

Countries should be focusing on the long-term good of their own citizens in order to build a stable future. Forget about meddling in other countries’ business? Unfortunately, the fate of those other countries has already been decided.  Protect and grow your own civilization in your own backyard. After all they are the ones you will support you when things get really tough.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That it’s hard to figure out whose fighting who without a score card.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because people are confused over which factions are fighting which group and who exactly are the bad guys today?   

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: You can start by not lying to anyone and eliminate greed from your life.

COMMENTARY: What Higher Intelligence said in this session is to take the initiative to build your own community (civilization) where lying and greed are not factors. “They” also made it clear in this session that this will not be an option when things get really tough. This is not something that’s easy to imagine. In our lifetimes we have not experienced what “they” are referring to, so many/most people will not be prepared when things do get really tough. It will take more than having enough for just you because it will be about much more than mere survival, it’s about healing our humanity.




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