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  • 2015 a year of real improvement

  • This year let’s come up with something different
  • Trouble getting up in the morning
  • A little more improved
  • People don’t realize how easy it is to improve
  • Most people never even start

2015 a year of real improvement. It’s an exciting time for personal improvement. We say this because you are only about a month away from making those New Year’s resolutions one more time. What will it be this year?

The same old, “I’ve got to lose some weight,” or “I’ll quit smoking,” or “I’ll go on and diet and join a gym.” We’re tired of hearing those every year. This year let’s come up with something different. Something we can start helping you with right now. Let’s start small. It’s tough to quit smoking or lose 30 pounds overnight, so let’s just work on your improvement day-to-day.

What is it you could do today that will result in improvement tomorrow? How about if you have trouble getting up in the morning? Just start by going to bed earlier tonight. See how you feel in the morning. See if you feel better, are more rested, and have a little more energy. Now, that was an easy first step.

Now that you have more energy for the day put a little snap in your step and a smile on your face as you go out into the world tomorrow. See how much better you feel about yourself already. You are experiencing improvement on a personal level. Watch how many people smile back at you, how does that make you feel? A little more improved?

Next, try to get even a little exercise. Try walking somewhere rather than driving. Get a bicycle and go somewhere while you get some exercise at the same time.

People don’t realize how easy it is to improve little by little. They look at personal improvement as a chore, or a mountain they have to climb in order to feel better about themselves, when in fact, you can feel better about yourself in the next moment just by making a choice to feel better about yourself.

A break from the stress and some focused breathing will bring you into a position where you do feel better right away and a smile comes across your face. It’s these little baby steps toward becoming the new and improved you that are so important. Without them, most people never even start improving and end up making the same old resolutions every year.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That personal improvement can start right now.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because people use excuses like, “I’ll join the gym when I get some new gym clothes,” or “I’ll start jogging when I get some new running shoes.” These are just tactics you employ to keep from improving.

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: Everyone can stop and take a 10 minute break to focus on their breathing. That’s where personal improvement starts.

COMMENTARY: What they suggested in this session is what I call the “bully effect.” Like a bully always picks on the weakest ones first, pick on your easiest area to improve first. When you make that first improvement, move on to the next. Before you know it those little improvements have strengthened you so much that taking on the bigger improvements is now easy. This strategy really does work. The best part of doing it this way is that your improvements are lasting ones. That’s because you don’t feel that you are depriving yourself in any way.




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