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The truth about terrorism vs the lone wolf. With all the reporting of terrorist groups wanting to come to America and attack us, there’s much more activity by these terrorists in other countries.

Each day you hear reports of Muslim extremists executing a greater number of people than the day before in the village they visited yesterday. It’s all designed to inform you that it’s escalating.

How long will it be before these terrorists are beheading people in downtown Los Angeles? That’s a long way off. Terrorists have been more successful with cyber attacks and they don’t have to leave home. But since large bands of terrorists won’t be coming to the cities anytime soon, you will hear more about the lunatic lone wolf terrorists. After all, you are already hearing about one of them practically every day; a shooter in the mall, a shooter in the school, a shooter at some place you wouldn’t expect them to be.

It’s easier to ramp up these lone wolf patsies who will most likely be killed when the police show up than it is to try to execute a large scale terrorist attack like blowing up buildings and bridges. That takes a lot of money and a lot of planning. Meanwhile, the number of these lone wolf attackers continues to escalate. It’s the lone wolf crazy who came into the mall and shot up 16 people or went back to where he got fired from and beheaded his former manager.

What these reports have in common is that they are directly tied to a political agenda to disarm Americans. If the people keep seeing multiple reports daily that another crazy shooter killed a bunch of people, then pretty soon you start to think that the only way to stop them is to take away their guns. This is the political agenda – disarm everyone so they can’t protect themselves, their families, or their possessions. There are millions and millions of people who own millions of firearms who have never gone crazy and started shooting up a store or a school. So, you have to stop and ask yourself, who benefits from all this fear reporting?

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That whenever you hear something reported always ask yourself – who will benefit if this new law is passed?

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because we see more of these lone wolf attacks happening over the next six months.   

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: Watch the news if you must, but ask yourself what are they trying to accomplish by glamorizing these individual nut cases?

COMMENTARY: Thinking for yourself has never been more important. If you feel yourself getting drawn into the plot, the drama, the hype of the moment that’s a clear sign that you need to sober up. Shut down the fear machines…your TV, radio, Internet, newspaper, and the local small talk. You need a better source to interpret the information – your inner guidance system. This is generated from a calm state of being when you get back in touch with yourself. This is where your Guides reside.




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