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  • An environment of tension

  • Beliefs become stubbornly predictable
  • Everything you did was based around your beliefs
  • What if yours are wrong

The world is experiencing an environment of tension. Tension is caused by polar opposites just like stretching a rubber band that eventually snaps.

If you can release the tension then it springs back to its normal shape. People are just like these rubber bands. They have an opinion or belief and any decisions they make based on those beliefs become stubbornly predictable. Now, when this person encounters another person who has the opposite beliefs, this is when the tension rises. Neither one wants to admit they may be wrong in their beliefs. They have much invested in their beliefs and all the decisions they’ve made over decades based on those beliefs. However, are they really their beliefs?

If you grew up in a certain type of political environment, say democratic, then you were inundated with democratic beliefs. Your parents were democrats, their parents were democrats, and just about everyone in your extended family were democrats. Therefore, you grow up making decisions from somebody else’s beliefs. You never really had a chance to form your own opinions and beliefs. You gave in to family pressure and peer pressure because your beliefs made you associate with others who thought just like you. These beliefs caused you to get a certain type of education, a certain type of job, look for a certain type of mate. Everything you did was based around your beliefs.

So, you can see when two people encounter each other and have opposite beliefs, meaning they grew up differently, had different experiences, this causes tension between the two people. These tensions left unchecked lead to violent disagreements, physical reactions, and in extreme cases war. War is really one group of people fighting another group of people over their beliefs. When you stop and look at it that way you have made the first step toward realizing that not only are beliefs dangerous, but what if yours are wrong?

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That this is what happens when you make decisions with your head rather than your heart.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because the entire world is at odds with somebody else whose beliefs are different from theirs.

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: You could imagine that all beliefs were the same. Many would call this boring. But if people were all governed and grew up the same way and didn’t have any lines on a map separating them, then who would go to war with who and over what?

COMMENTARY: Beliefs are based in the need to be right – that’s separation. When you make decisions from your heart you make them from feeling connected. Beliefs only consider you, while the other considers everyone. The tension in the world is the snowball effect of decades of separation, which has created an environment of desperation and ruthlessness, even for people with plenty of resources. After all, in such a desperate world they can’t afford to lose everything because they would then become one of those desperate people who no one cares about – the very thing they helped create with their beliefs.




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