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  • The modern day bully is your hired gun

  • By being different you became a target…
  • Worry about one kind of bully
  • Bullies that exist in the world today
  • Nowadays people don’t talk to each other
  • The world’s bullies…

Have you ever given thought to how your social environment changed with the advent of bullies, bullies of all kinds? The modern day bully is your hired gun.

The current bully focus is on school bullies and cyber bullies. The cyber bullies are really just the schoolyard bullies who have a computer. Think back to when you were young. Were you different in any way? Were you small or weak in a certain way? Were you not the best looking kid in the class? Did you not have good clothes like the other kids? Or, were you privileged enough to have all the things that the normal kids had. By being different you became a target – a target for teachers and students alike.

If you were too smart you got singled out and teased. If you were slow you got picked out and bullied mentally and probably physically too. The bullies start out with teasing that escalates to physical violence. The good news is that if you grew up in the 1950s or 60s as a kid you only had to worry about one kind of bully, the schoolyard or neighborhood bully.

Think about all the bullies that exist in the world today. We would say that in the past if you had a dispute with a neighbor or someone else, you got together and talked about it and worked it out.

Nowadays people don’t talk to each other. This began happening with telephones that you carried around with you. You stopped talking to the people around you and preferred talking to people far away from you. So people stopped talking to people. When a dispute arose you just sued them and had your lawyer talk to their lawyer. This rarely accomplishes anything positive. You pay a lawyer a lot of money to argue for you. If you win you may get some money or restitution but how much did you have to spend to get it? Now, if you lost, you lost everything and you had to pay your lawyer and most likely had to pay the other party’s legal expenses, court costs and possibly other penalties.

Lawyers have become the world’s bullies and most people have them. People have them, cities, states, governments, countries and corporations have them – everyone has lawyers. If you think back to Neanderthal times the whole system started falling apart as soon as the first rule or law was created.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That not talking to other people just creates more bullies.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because there’s groups to help children who are bullied, and people who are bullied. Look around – everyone is being bullied by someone everyday.

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: Since there wasn’t a bully problem when people actually spoke to each other, and understood each other, and worked things out together – then we would say you should start talking to people.

COMMENTARY: Bullies who are skilled at it know how to work the system – they are the hired guns. The more you can afford the more power the hired gun has. There’s nothing your well-compensated hired gun won’t do to see that you win because when you win they win. It has no humanity in it, it’s all about winning and getting paid. It’s a business. So bullying is a business now. Instead of “putting them up,” (fight it out between each other) people “lawyer up.” This has destroyed the human element in everything we do. The buzz word nowadays is “exposure.” Keep your exposure down so you won’t be a target for a high paid modern day hired gun bully.




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