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  • Watching sports harms your wellness

  • Two drugs that control American’s lives
  • The average American survives on…
  • Abuse their health with the…
  • Repetitive weekly habit

We would like to explain to you how watching sports harms your wellness.

Outside of the dangerous pharmaceutical drugs that 85 percent of Americans take, there are two drugs that do not require a prescription nor are they illegal that control American’s lives. These two drugs are caffeine and alcohol.

The average American survives on caffeine Monday through Friday to get themselves through an existence they disdain. The hate their jobs, they hate getting up early in the morning to go to those jobs, they hate it while they’re at those jobs, and can’t wait to leave those jobs. This goes on for five days in a row. Just trying to make it past hump day, or Wednesday, and making it to Friday is an accomplishment for most people. Then looking ahead, Monday shows up again and people are dragging. Why do they drag on Mondays? The other drug that controls their lives is alcohol. Alcohol is the drug people abuse Friday through Sunday. They use caffeine, a drug that keeps them awake and alert and on edge during the week and inebriate themselves with alcohol on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Much of the weekend for many Americans is spent watching sports on TV. No matter what the season,  there’s always plenty of sports to distract people away from their boring lives. While they are watching sports they are drinking mass quantities of alcohol and also ingesting huge amounts of junk food and other food that is bad for them. While they’re doing this all weekend, they’re bombarded with ads to drink more alcohol and eat more junk food. This barrage by the sports sponsors just reinforces their desires to drink and abuse their health with the wrong things.

Then they wake up to Monday, charge themselves up with caffeine, and drag themselves back into the weekly grind. It’s called a grind because eventually it grinds them down into a mere shadow of who they were when they had a dream for their future. This repetitive weekly habit is what eventually ruins their health and, many decades later, they wonder they how got in such bad shape.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: That Americans take one drug to wake up and stay alert and another to distance themselves from thinking about their boring lives.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because you all know people who are like this, you may even be one of them.

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: After a tough week of work wouldn’t it be better if you spent the weekend outside, hiking or exercising in the fresh air? Getting some high quality food at the Farmer’s Market and fixing yourself a healthy meal and not be sitting in front of a TV screen all weekend would improve your wellness.

COMMENTARY: There’s a third element to this 1 – 2 – 3 punch to your wellness. As you use coffee and sports drinks to get yourself “up” you increase stress as well as causing neurological damage from the chemicals in sports drinks. Then, the alcohol relaxes you only to find yourself depressed and out of control if you drink too much. The constant push/pull of caffeine and alcohol breaks down your  body’s natural ability to find a balance. Then, your doctor will prescribe pharmaceutical drugs to address your “dis-ease” leading to a greater imbalance and damage to your system. Soon, you’re down for the count.




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