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  • For most people trusting themselves is not easy

  • Builds up a distrust of yourself
  • You start to beat yourself up…
  • This is what spawned a multi-billion dollar self-help industry…
  • You enter into relationships with people you don’t trust
  • What’s keeping you from trusting yourself

Much of your happiness depends on trusting yourself. For most people trusting themselves is not easy as they have been conditioned since childhood to do things they don’t like or believe. We will explain how motivational problems reside in your self-doubt.

It started with things like why you should eat your vegetables…”Because I said so, they’re good for you!” By doing things over and over that you don’t understand or you don’t believe in only builds up a distrust of yourself.

Then, as an adult, you start to beat yourself up because you don’t have enough, or aren’t enough or need something outside of yourself to make you happy. So you go outside of yourself to look for solutions to your motivational problems. This is all because you don’t trust yourself. These solutions, most likely, are things you knew you should do to be happy in the first place.

This is what spawned a multi-billion dollar self-help industry driven by guru’s who prey on your self-doubt. We wonder sometimes that if you were happy in your life, would that take away your motivation to do even better? Or, on the other hand, would you see it as by doing better you could be even happier?

If you can’t trust yourself you will find it difficult to trust anybody else. So you enter into relationships with people you don’t trust and it unravels from there. You take a job where you make just enough money to get by, or make enough to take another vacation to get away from it all, because you don’t trust yourself enough to capitalize on your innate talents or creativity. This all results in self-doubt and once you doubt yourself you tend to doubt everything and everyone else.

You need to step back and look at what’s keeping you from trusting yourself and realize that you already have all the answers, talents and opportunity to capitalize on all your potential inside. If you don’t realize this then doubt will become a huge barricade on your path.

QUESTION: What should readers take away from this message today?

ANSWER: Most people they beat themselves up because they don’t trust themselves.

QUESTION: Why is this information timely?

ANSWER: This information is timely because the older you get the more difficult it becomes to overcome old patterns where you were told you weren’t good enough, smart enough, or good looking enough and that’s why everyone had to tell you what to do.

QUESTION: How can readers best apply this information to their lives right now?

ANSWER: Start by taking an inventory of your talents. Are you utilizing them or are you just working to get paid? What if you could expand your income as well as your happiness by trusting in yourself more and knowing that abundance will flow to you once you start eliminating the doubt?

COMMENTARY: Lack of motivation is the first indicator that you are not capitalizing on your innate talents or creativity. This will cause you to miss out on the joy of being you in this lifetime. This all started early in your life. It’s rooted in not trusting yourself. You have a lot of unlearning to do so you can reconnect yourself back to yourself. As you start doing this, anytime you feel a lack of motivation recognize that as doing something that isn’t coming from you. The same thing applies with self-doubt. Be patient with your real self as you nurture it back into existence.




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