About the CR News Reports©

The CR News Reports© is a publication of Channeled Readings, LLC.  The CR News Reports© becomes a CR Greatest Hits© when the prediction happened, days, weeks, months or years later.

How we get these Future News Predictions …

  • Higher Intelligence that we channel starts out each session with their timely predictions specific to each topic (the italic text).
  • Next, they answer each question we pose to them (Q and A).
  • Lastly, we, the intuitive psychic mediums, close the session with our concluding thoughts and feelings (Commentary). This commentary sums up their messages to you, as well as our intuitive sense of what lied beneath the surface of that session.


Linda Deir is the world’s foremost authority and teacher on the correct use of Ask The Universal Channel® talking board when communicating with this “Higher Intelligence Source.“

Ray Holley and Linda Deir are the world’s foremost authorities and teachers on the correct use of Ask The Universal Channel® talking board when communicating with this “Higher Intelligence Source.“ We use Ask The Universal Channel® talking board exclusively to channel the information in the CR News Reports©

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THE STORY of:  Ask The Universal Channel®

The CR News Reports© is a “channeled reading” on each one of our 14 monthly news topics. The CR News Reports© covers topics similar to your daily newspaper, except the CR News Reports© predicts the news events before it happens.

These Predictions Are Time Sensitive:

All of their predictions have a shelf life… the longer you take to utilize them the less relevant they become.

These predictions are ‘their’ words and not ours. You will always receive ‘their’ Predictions just like we receive them. CR News Reports© are posted within 24 hours of the time we channel each CR News Reports©.

The CR Greatest Hits© re-publishes these CR News Reports©  news predictions along with the supporting “NEWS proof” link after they become a “hit.” The supporting “NEWS proof” links provide the proof that we did indeed predict these before they happened and when.

Who These CR News Reports© Are For and Why:

The CR News Reports©, are channeled guidance and strategies for individuals, businesses and investors. The CR News Reports© provides insights so you can make better decisions while taking the stressing and guessing out of the daily decision-making process.

The CR News Reports© is a copyright publication of Channeled Readings, LLC. Channeled Readings, LLC archives all of the original raw audio files of these channeling sessions.

NOTARIZED PROOF… All CR News Reports© Are Notarized:
We’re the only psychics in the world who have every prediction notarized for content and date.

The “CR” in the CR News Reports© is the acronym for Channeled Readings, LLC – the parent company for all of our services and products. The Channeled Readings, LLC was originally sought out for its CR News Reports©.

More About The CR News Reports©:
These predictions are not based in conspiracy theories or come from a doomsayer’s slant, nor are they based in religion or fear-mongering. These news predictions do not come from us, they coming through us from our Higher Intelligence Source directly to you. In fact, we never know what they are going to transmit. We hear it, the first time, just a few hours before you do when these are published.

They” are a group of specialists that bring these predictions through for each specific topic. They provide these Future News Predictions – days, weeks, months, years in advance – to help you overcome any fear of the future you may have, and, as a result of knowing what’s coming, you are able to make the best decisions for your life going forward.

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